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Our Services

Statewide Tree Services

Tree Removal

Trees that have died, are infected, and/or pose a safety threat usually need to be removed. We can handle most jobs with a range of machinery and our experience will make mulch of any job.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is important for trees to keep strong form and structure.
Correct pruning means that a tree won’t be as much a safety threat and be in low maintenance further down the track.

Stump Grinding

Stumps remaining in the soil can re-grow or begin to rot. If it begins to rot it may promote the spread of unwanted matter like fungus which can also effect nearby plants or trees. Speak to Statewide Tree Services today for expert advice on tree cutting in Sydney West.

Dead Wood Removing

Removal of dead wood and lying branches is sometimes necessary to improve the general aesthetics and appearance of trees and remove safety hazards. Speak to us for more information.


Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of tree cutting and removal of plants to make way for further land development or use. We can help you find a suitable solution to your land clearing needs.

Mulching Services

We provide tree mulching services that will not only help you dispose of unwanted brush or tree limbs, but also provide a much useful wood mulch. (chipper hire)

Difficult and dangerous Tree Removal

Statewide tree services cater for all types of difficult and dangerous trees that need to be removed, no job is too big, using the right equipment, we get the job done SAFELY.


Qualified Arborist

Most tree removals require initial council approval. Statewide offers professional and qualified arborist reports to submit to your local council.
We also offer advice and support for tree and plants including selection, pest and disease control and nutrition/fertilizing.

24hr Emergency Service

We offer a 24hr / 7 days a week emergency tree cutting service throughout sydney. If you are in a situation due to storms or any other unprecedented event we can be on the site quickly to minimise your inconvenience.