Pruning is an agricultural procedure encompassing the selective elimination of certain fragments of a plant,

Such as roots, branches, or buds, mainly if they are in the process of dying or just to keep its shape. This process is vital for trees; it allows their air to circulate well, stops further decay organisms from entering and improves growth and wellbeing of the tree. Although this is the most common procedure performed, due to the health and stress factor of trees, it is important that the understandings of trees biology are met during the process.
At Statewide, our qualified Arborists ensure the vitality of trees. We specialise in the techniques pruning involves to keep the tree stress free, safe and healthy.

Cleaning: We remove the dead, dying or weak branches from the tree.
Thinning: We remove selective branches to mend the structure and improve light permeation and air circulation.
We ensure thinning is performed correctly, to reduce heaviness off the tree and allows the tree to maintain its usual shape.
Raising: We clear out certain branches to deliver a safer environment for vehicles, pedestrians and buildings.
Reduction: We assist in the preservation of the veracity of the tree, by reducing the trees height or mass.

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